Hydraulic Shop Presses

The Millers Falls range of hydraulic and air hydraulic shop presses  is for every mechanic, metal worker and DIY enthusiast who needs to press out tight fitting components and install new ones or repair damaged metal but can't do it effectively with their existing equipment.

A huge problem you face right now is that without a press, precision components like bearings, bushes and ball joints, etc have to be bashed out with a hammer and lever of some type but that's not the end of your problems with separating and installing precision parts or repairing and fabricating metal implements

What makes this even worse is the fact that knocking in a new part can damage the component being installed! Which means replacing these components is a time consuming and sometimes difficult process.

This can make trying to replace worn bearings, bushes and ball joints, etc. and repair bent or damaged metal quickly and easily a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! 

If you're a mechanic, metal worker and DIY enthusiast and who really needs to press out tight fitting components and install new ones or repair damaged metal but can't do it effectively with their existing equipment., A "Millers Falls” hydraulic or air hydraulic shop press is the answer you've been looking for!

  • PRACTICAL! A range of capacities from 12,000kg to 100,000kg ensures you can choose the most compatible unit to suit your requirements just like the best do
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Air hydraulic and hydraulic operated models provide you the ability to decide which operating system best suits your workshop's existing facilities 
  • FUNCTIONAL! Free standing frames mean that your press won't take up valuable bench space
  • GETS THE JOB DONE! Sliding heads on some models makes it easier to use your press to operate effectively on items that are difficult to position centrally under a fixed ram
  • TRUSTED! The famous "Millers Falls" brand gives you the power to know without doubt that your new press is well made, reliable and durable. 

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