Millers Falls TWM 50 Litre Air Compressor 6.5HP Petrol Engine #ACB6550PB

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Do you need air pressure on site when there's no power available?

The Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor could just be the solution you've been looking for.

Whether you're a mobile mechanic, work on new homes or anywhere where there's no guarantee of an available source of electricity, a Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor is a must have piece of equipment. 

Your Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressoris designed and built to provide up to 115PSI of air pressure in areas where an electric air compressor may not be practical.

Powered by a 6.5 horsepower petrol engine and featuring a 50 litre air tank, your Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor will provide reliable pressure to run all of your air operated tools and equipment no matter where you need it.

Its 2 7 inch wheels and convenient "U" handle allow your Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor to be positioned in the most advantageous place on your work site to carry out the job at hand and then can be simply moved out of the way when the work is done, freeing up the space for the next job.which is a huge bonus when floor space is limited.

The durable anti - rust treated steel construction has an enamel coated finish to extend the life of your Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor for years and you already know that the world famous "Millers Falls" brand means that your  Millers Falls ACB13100PES 13HP Petrol Air Compressor is an extremely well designed, well constructed, reliable and durable piece of equipment.

Why rely on the generosity of neighbours to allow use of their electricity or do things manually when no power is readily available when a Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor will provide ample air pressure in any situation?

Don't miss this opportunity to make compressed air available anywhere! - Order Now!

    Features and specifications:

    • Brand: Millers Falls
    • Model:ACB6550PB
    • Power: 6.5 horsepower, single cylinder, OHV, air cooled engine
    • Manual (pull) start
    • Air tank capacity: 50 litres
    • Air pump: 2 cylinder
    • Maximum air pressure: 115PSI
    • Metal air filter
    • Displacement: 350 litres/minute
    • 2x 7 inch wheels
    • "U" handle
    • Packing dimensions 91cm x 39cm x 83cm
    • Packed weight 84kg
    • 12 months warranty 


    This top quality Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor comes in a crate in order to keep freight costs as low as possible and some assembly is required.

    We can arrange shipment of your new Millers Falls ACB6550PB 6.5HP Petrol Air Compressor  anywhere at competitive rates (freight quotes are on the checkout page) so what are you waiting for?

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